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Gambling is the mainstream of 2021 December 17, 2020

Gambling has become a real mainstream in traffic arbitrage. This niche is growing fast with multi-billion dollar turnover, and everyone aspires to the opportunity to become a part of this «tasty cake». 

Gambling will always be a trend. Generally, it shouldn’t be considered just in the categories «at the height» or «in decay». There will always be enough gambling players. Indeed, some approaches will pass away. The new one which is more relevant to the requirements of the technological age, will replace them. But under all options, the vertical itself will remain one of the most profitable in arbitration.

Technavio analytical company published the results of its research, according to which the revenues of the global gambling industry will reach USD 96 billion by 2021. The weakening of the government’s control over the gambling business will become one of the key factors contributing to the demand growth of the gambling equipment. Also, by 2021, the global gambling turnover will be almost doubled and reach the amount of USD 950 billion. This statement made the experts of the Juniper Research analytical company.

They considered the growth of the mobile and online gambling market, including the casino and virtual reality technology market. According to the research, mobile app users will ensure a large share of the growth. Furthermore, the Juniper Research analysts note that virtual reality will actively stimulate online gambling development. By 2021, more than half of the bets will be online. Company’s experts also specify that cryptocurrency won’t become generally accepted in the gambling business, although many bookmakers and casinos have already accepted bitcoins.

 The main gambling trends

Branded video slots 

Such video slots are marked with high quality and captivating storyline. Indeed, they are of great interest to players. Video slots based on popular TV serials and comics, legendary films and books (as Game of Thrones) are naturally in high demand. 

VR / AR  — casino 

Virtual reality entered our life long before. Over the next 2-3 years, most online casinos will offer VR / AR to their users as an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the virtual world. Such actions will provide an increase in new players, and for affiliates — new opportunities to make money on relevant offers.


Nowadays, cryptocurrency and bitcoin, in particular, is a popular payment method in online casinos: players can deposit or withdraw funds to their gaming account in full respect of confidentiality. For some clients, anonymity and independence from the government noticed with a primary role when choosing a casino, so the number of gambling platforms with the ability to accept bitcoins only increases.


It’s a real fact that mobile traffic is gradually replacing desktop traffic. The upward trend in the share of mobile casinos in the total volume of the gambling industry will continue to grow in the coming years. Must-have advice when choosing an offer is the casino’s adaptability for mobile and the availability of a mobile application.

Global GGR Forecasts

To make good money while attracting high-qualified traffic, you should carefully examine the industry. The understanding that the gambling niche is one of the fastest-growing has already come. BV1sion presented an overview of the online casino market, including GGR market forecasts, regional split, and growth rates until 2024. 

Let’s examine it in more detail.

Gross Gaming Revenue is a financial indicator that determines the gross revenues of a gambling establishment. To calculate the formula we use: GGR = A – B (where A is the total amount of all bets made, and B is the sum of all received winnings). The GGR parameter allows us to track the dynamics of gambling players’ behaviour worldwide.

In 2019, GGR amounted to $ 5.3 billion. It is predicted that in 2021 GGR will reach 6 billion, and in 2024 — $ 7.2 billion. As you can see, the future forecasts are very optimistic. But the niche is expected to undergo a number of changes and reforms depending on the geo.

 Global gambling industry segmentation 

Many countries alleviate their online gambling policies and conditions. A more significant part of the gambling lovers’ earnings come from European countries. Asia takes second place, followed by the United States and South American countries. 

Online gambling in Europe is booming, and slots show the biggest profit growth — 84%. Operators realise the great potential of the European niche and use the region’s advantages properly: they facilitate the tax regime that is current for so-called gambling «bays»: Gibraltar, Isle of Man, and Malta.

Another interesting fact that modern technologies of the gambling business in Europe are actively developing. It concerns the classical slots, video slots, and VR gambling. A younger generation of players is entering the market, and companies try to increase the quality to meet high requirements. This is how esports betting and skill-based slots appeared.

The USA is one of the most significant and biggest regions in the gambling industry. From this point, the news that online gambling and betting will soon be legalized in the country is very encouraging. The US market is expected to open its doors to major international companies again. 

According to the Gambling Capital research, Australian spend almost $ 1,000 a year on gambling (this is the highest rate in the world). Such a situation takes place because slots in Australia can be placed not only in relevant halls but also in ordinary pubs.

The Asian market is the largest in the world. And every year the demand for gambling is growing. There is a gradual legal weakening that more and more countries legalise online platforms and open new industry outlooks.

The African region gambling industry is now at the stage of rapid formation and growth. The only problem is that in most countries of the continent the gambling niche has no legal regulation (although it isn’t prohibited at the legislative level). Therefore, it will take time to discover the full potential of this market.


Online casinos are a global trend that is rapidly conquering the world of gambling! Everything goes to the fact that offline casinos will become a real exotic in the coming years because online slots, table slots, spins, and bets in mobile apps will rapidly conquer the gambling industry.

For our part, we showed all the figures that the gambling niche will continue to gain momentum, so if you want to start earning, don’t wait for a better time — register in affiliate programs now, choose offers, and gain money! Emphasis directly the mobile direction. 

And we wish you the best ROI, the largest deposits, and only high-quality traffic!

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