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How to create quality gambling ads in 2020 November 9, 2020

Visual ads are the most important part of traffic arbitrage. Good ads can pull the audience in and save even a terribly optimised campaign. However, while the professionals at least somewhat understand what “quality ads” are, what about the newcomers?

In this article, we will talk about how to determine the quality of the ad, how to find quality ads, and, most importantly, how to make them. Let’s go!

Take Note. We will talk about static ads — they are a go-to for most of the beginner affiliate marketers. Previously, we have discussed video ads — which are more complicated and more expensive, but bring in more traffic — in the article How to Drive Traffic to Gambling in 2020. If you want to level up your ad game, do check it out!

What is a quality ad?

The biggest mistake a young media buyer can make is to get the concept of a “quality ad” wrong. If you think that quality ads are “beautiful, memorable, interesting and many other words,” then it’s too early for you to launch your own campaigns.

A quality ad has only one stat that matters — its conversion rate. Everything else is not important. You are not doing a project for a marketing competition — you are making an advertisement that sells.

This is a bit of a “pun intended” conclusion — quality ads aren’t necessarily quality. If you see that cheap slapdashed ads that are made with a template bring a steady income — reign in your creativity and start using that template.

How to find working gambling ads?

You can and should look for an approach to the target audience yourself — but not now. Do it later, once you already have a stable income and time to kill. Right now, you need to make money, and so it is worth looking at what already successful media buyers are doing.

Fortunately, there are ad libraries where you can look at live examples your colleagues are running. For instance, Facebook Ad Library or its paid counterpart Adplexity. Here are some working gambling ads found there.

Alas, the animation is missing in the lower left picture. But you should be able to see the trend — working ads are colourful, enticing and dynamic. They have a lot of gold, beautiful girls, attributes of an expensive lifestyle, or just big numbers.

Yes, it’s trite. But it works. However, if you want to try something more original and zeitgeisty, you can. For example, this Russian casino ad has done well during the COVID-19 epidemic.

How to make working gambling ads?

Now that you already have an understanding of how the ads should look, you need to come up with your own. Actually, we advise you to make a few — both for practice and to have some backlog. Here are the main archetypes:

Ads with girls

Most of the online casino players (your target audience) are middle-aged men. This means that they are actively interested in ads with attractive girls. Moreover, the text part of the advertisement very rarely matters here — our example simply offers a welcome bonus.

All you need to create such an ad is an image stock account (to find pictures of models), and minimal skills with a graphic editor.

Ads with slots

It can be either a real-life slot of which you made a screenshot or just a mockup. Either way, you are focusing on the audience that is already interested in gambling, and thus would want to check out a new game or a new casino.

The text part of the creative is once again simple — it’s a welcome bonus. This head-on approach almost always works, so why mess with it?

Ads with characters

Yes, they can also be done as static images. People subconsciously relate better to things that someone is already using. For example, this girl is using a casino while on the plane. And there is no text at all – only on the casino website itself there is a promise of 50 000 EUR winnings.

In fact, this ad is almost genius – it doesn’t even feel like an ad. You want to click on the picture to enlarge it and read what is so interesting there. It’s perfect for news sites, blogs, or other text-based platforms.

C-C-Combo ads

Nothing prevents you from glueing trite ideas from previous ads together into something a little less trite. For example, put a pretty girl on the ad with a slot and make an advertisement for a welcome bonus into a word balloon.

In this example, take note of the budget — or the lack of one. This is just a stock girl photo on a stock background. You can make this banner in 15 minutes and use it to drive traffic from Germany and Austria.

Overall, if you’re afraid of making ads because you don’t have a talent for graphics or an art degree, don’t be. Take a look at the examples above, and you will understand that you don’t need to be perfect. Just follow the already established patterns, and you will get a good result.

Where can a beginner get a gambling offer?

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