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How to Drive Traffic to Gambling in 2020 November 4, 2020

Best traffic arbitrage practices for beginners and pros

There is a lot of info already written and told about traffic arbitrage. But the world is changing — new players have appeared on the market, new promising markets have opened, and the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the audience.

In this article, we will analyse how to drive traffic to gambling in 2020, talk about some cases and even study a couple of examples. If you are just getting involved in this niche or want to brush up on your knowledge — keep reading!

Best Locations for Gambling Traffic in 2020

Before we decide how to drive traffic to gambling websites, we need to determine where it will come from. And this question is not as simple as it seems.

To put it simply, our users should have disposable income. And the more they have of it, the better. Therefore, many newbies want to immediately launch ads in Germany, Italy, France, Canada, the United States and other wealthy countries. But there is a problem — the price of such advertising goes off the scale, and the ROI is not very high, because you will have far too many competitors.

On the other hand, there are Eastern Europe and the Third World countries — and the players there have money too. Maybe less than the Germans or the French, but the advertising costs will also be much lower.

Therefore, in 2020 we recommend to focus on Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and other previously non-priority markets. And if you’re on a tight budget and feeling adventurous, try Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Georgia.

Target Audience for Gambling in 2020

The vast majority of the casino players are men aged 21 and older. The most massive target audience among them is aged 24–45 years. When it comes to the income level, target the average or above the national average, especially if your program requires deposits above the minimum.

However, recently the female audience has also begun to grow — at least in the countries of Eastern and Western Europe. So if you are planning to launch campaigns in these regions, think about it. It might make sense to target girls as well when creating your materials.

Working Ads for 2020

Now that we’ve decided on geo and target audience let’s think about ads. We will be advertising on Instagram and Facebook — this is the best option in terms of costs and profits.

We recommend making ads yourself, at least at first. But this does not mean that you should produce janky static pictures. If you have basic computer skills, you can do video advertising with a minimal budget. And video, as you know, converts better.

Here are two examples of well-made geo-targeted video ads on a budget:

Let’s talk about why they are well-done.

Avoiding the Language Barrier

That’s obvious but still incredibly important. You do not launch an English-speaking ad for the Eastern European or Asian audience. That’s like willingly giving up a half of your conversions at best.

For your audience to empathise with the characters, they need to speak the same language — literally. And if this is 100% impossible, then at least provide subtitles.

Faces of the Campaign

People subconsciously associate themselves with the characters in the content. Therefore, we advise you to find a character that will be close to your target audience. Teacher, handyman, clerk, student — all these are archetypes that are proven to work. You can also use an existing public persona.

Big Wins

Gambling is not the most trusted niche. The users often feel that they are being scammed and therefore are suspicious of everything. To resolve this, you need to show as much as possible that not only can you play at your casino but you can also win.

Your ad could be an interview with the winner who hit the jackpot (see example 1) or a streak of wins in the slot (see example 2). In both cases, the user must know that it is possible to win and withdraw money.

Take Note. If you are using slots in your advertisement, make sure that they are real slots. Same goes for any numbers — it’s far better to have currencies attached to them than just bare digits.

Emotional Payoff

Ads should evoke positive emotions — and many people forget this. Your character in the ad should feel delight, joy, happiness, excitement or all at once.

But it’s easy to go too far. Jumping up to the ceiling while screaming can, and will, come off as fake. Try to find a middle ground — sometimes a happy smile is enough.

Most importantly, change your ads often. As soon as the traffic from the ad has started to decline (or its price has gone up), remove the ad and upload a new one — with a different character or even an entirely different approach.

Take Note. The average lifetime of a gambling ad is about three weeks.

Push Advertising in 2020

If you can’t afford Instagram or Facebook, try push notifications. For example, via propellerads. It’s inexpensive and can pay relatively well if you know how to work your audience.

For push notifications, you can use the art from the slots promo packages. Text content should be straightforward too — congratulations on a victory or a call to play. From the latter, you can lead to an interactive landing page, where your client “wins” a deposit bonus and free spins.

However, be prepared in advance that the ROI on push notifications will not be as good as on social media.

Custom Apps in 2020

Custom affiliate apps for Android and iOS are one of the hottest topics in modern gambling arbitrage. Apps are way more expensive than traditional advertising, but at the same time, they give a great return on investment.

Android is a little easier and cheaper to work with, so start with it. Yes, bans are frequent there, but the ROI is still high. However, without a good team, it’s still not worth getting into this — you will spend way too many hours just preparing for the next job. 

You should also think about the look of your application — it should remind users of gambling, but without explicit mentions of it. If you make it too obvious, you will get banned on Google Play, so find the balance.

Take Note. If you cannot make an application or buy it, contact the affiliate program you are working for. Many of them are giving away application templates to webmasters.

Best Gambling Affiliate Programs in 2020

Whether you are just starting to drive traffic to gambling or are returning to this niche after a long absence, you need a simple yet profitable program. In other words, you need RichPrize Partners.

It is the top affiliate program from the RichPrize casino, and it has straightforward conditions — you drive traffic to RichPrize and get a percentage of your users’ deposits. Minimum deposits are allowed, but the progressive payout scale (from 30% to 50% depending on the total amount) motivates you to attract more valuable clients. So if you want to make money on gambling arbitrage safely — be sure to try RichPrize!


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