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Marketing checklist how to make money on Black Friday 2020 November 25, 2020

2020 is a turbulent year, and people learning more to shop online. But despite this fact, this year has a great chance to be the most profitable for e-commerce and online sales worldwide.

The more closer to November 27, people are gearing up for Black Friday. And profit from sales could be immense. Black Friday isn’t just an ideal discount time. It’s time when people buy up tons of goods, are led by any promises and attractive price tags, and if you are an affiliate marketer, you have a chance to make big money on this surge in sales. With some more profound efforts, you will get a hot base of addresses, a constant source of traffic, and many other bonuses as a final result.

Black Friday as a rash spendings

Black Friday allows using a catchy play with the psychology of the end consumer.

Many people wait to this day as «Game of Thrones» serial fans look forward to the final season. Psychologically, any person prepares beforehand to buy discount goods, prepares money for these purchases, and even fix a free time for shopping. If you promise a 90% discount on a brand new gadget on an average day, most of the consumers will simply get pass by — they just won’t believe it.

If you make an impressive creative with a similar proposal on November 27, social psychology already starts working. Black Friday is the day when marketers roll out all the creativity that has accumulated over the year and use their imagination. You can promise people anything – they will believe in everything on Black Friday! And it already depends on you how long your Black Friday special offer will last: from 3 days to 4 weeks, for now, buyers are grabbing their credit cards while facing with the «discounts up to 70%». 

Now we are going to give you an insight into the world of holiday traffic and tell you how to gain your highest profit in the hottest week of the year.

Don’t miss the time to get hot advice.

2020 Black Friday guidance

There are a few days left till day X. It’s hight time to adopt a useful checklist: 

  • Define your audience properly.

On Black Friday, everyone can become a potential buyer. Electronics, clothing, footwear, sports equipment, and jewellery — all of these goods are in great demand. To make an attractive offer and entice the consumer to buy exactly your product, you need to define your target audience and set up the campaign correctly. Check what your last campaigns were highly successful and create custom audiences.

Such services as Wordstat and Google Trends, discussion of upcoming sales on forums and review sites, demand and customer behaviour last yeares research will be in help.

  • Start lead the traffic beforehand.

Usually, the Black Friday hot promo campaign starts a few days or even weeks before it starts. And can probably last the whole week after. 

Start doing your advertisement beforehand: make promotional videos, publish announcements like: «Midnight November 27 is the final time the items will be sold out. Buy the product with up to 80% discount right now». Emphasise urgency and prepare people in an active mode. When you effectively use the promo campaign, you should be succeeded to make the consumer add his desirable item into a shopper cart beforehand, and at X day just place the order with the discount. You have to repeat customers non-stop that on sale days the products will be sold out in a couple of moments, and it’s worth prepare themselves beforehand as not to miss the desired purchase.

  • Check your site carefully.

Exactly the technical preparation of your website should be the issue of great importance. Traffic floods to participating sites, landing pages, and content projects on sale days, so make sure your site doesn’t get stuck with tripled daily visitors. Right to make the advanced check if at 1k + users the site starts giving errors and loads slowly, at the very peak of traffic it will simply «break». Therefore, test thoroughly and in advance – make sure your landing page is ready for an influx of visitors. Don’t trust the luck! Another important non-technical part of preparation is of great importance. Time zones matter! Indicate the sales time for the geo you work to prepare users not to miss the event.

  • Increase your advertising budget. 

Rates will increase sharply on sales days. If earlier there was enough X amount per day for all advertising campaigns, then on pre-sale days it should be at least tripled, and it is better to increase them even five times more. On Black Friday, many affiliates will struggle for profit. The increased advertising budget will allow you to get ahead of the competition. And be sure, all investments will be paid off and multiplied!

  • Pay special attention to creatives and content. 

Don’t afraid to make bright banners, use push notifications (with Push. Word service, e.g.). On Black Friday the competition will increase significantly, and you need to attract intensive attention to your promo campaign: humour, unique banners, close-up products, breaking taglines as «take it for free today or never again».

Invite your target audience to participate in the creation of creatives or some random contest to choose the winners among subscribers. As a gift, you will provide them with discounts and vouchers from advertisers or small personal gifts. Your benefit will be mutual: people are pleased to buy the product cheaper, and you will receive content, more income, and, possibly, new subscribers. People are happy to subscribe to giveaway channels.

Make a selection of landing pages and articles on discounted goods: lists of the best and cheapest products for thematic platforms. Tell stories that will attract users, entertain them, and give a reminder of the event. Don’t forget that New Years’ is coming soon, so the discounted gift will be relevant for the month in advance.

  • Manage effective platforms and business models.

Set up targeting to your mobile. Last year, 40% share in  Black Friday revenues came from mobile devices. Make sure your advertisement is optimised for mobiles to ensure your best chances for success. In Telegram channels and social media groups, we advise you to post a selection of products with price indication and give promotional codes and discounts where possible.
Bloggers usually post product video reviews on sales days on YouTube channels and leave the affiliate link in the video description. The conversion will be higher if affiliate links lead a key consumer to a product page. Discount vouchers’ generators, price comparison sites, blogs, and review forums tend to be heavily loaded on sale days, and YouTube channels are also very effective with traffic generation.

When sale days end, you can finally relax, but first, you need to do a few things. 

Fix every actual data, so you can use the information in the next 2021 and launch your campaigns based on your personal experience.

Save and keep properly the user base you have built over these sale days. You will need it at the next shopping period in a few weeks later (coming Christmas and New Year sales). If your skills and experience worked properly on Black Friday, it might well work twice. This way, you can retarget your campaigns and get profit from those users you missed on Black Friday. Some companies offer prolonged discount period to use the opportunity for more conversions.

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