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The Best FB Account Checker in 2020 November 11, 2020

Any self-respecting media buyer should have a lot of Facebook accounts. Several dozen is almost required, while some pros have thousands. And when you consider how much Facebook likes to ban accounts, you can see a problem — how do you keep track of them? 

You need a checker — a small script that will check accounts and issue reports on each of them. Fortunately, Facebook’s account structure allows you to get your account status quickly — it can be either active, banned, or doesn’t exist

How does the account checker work? 

We will use a checker from the Russian media buyer doroved. Its algorithms work correctly with the latest Facebook updates, and the program itself is very lightweight and works even on old hardware. 

This is because the doroved’s script uses a “basic mobile” version of Facebook. Moreover it downloads only the page title — since it changes with the account status, you can weed out banned accounts quickly. 

Take note: It takes from 1 to 5 minutes to check 1 000+ accounts using this script. The more banned accounts are among them, the longer it will take. 

All you need to use this checker are the user IDs of your accounts. If you don’t know where to look for them, use this Facebook manual. 

How to use the account checker 

To start using the doroved checker, you need a PHP server or a home computer with PHP installed. If you don’t know what PHP is and how to install it — take a look at Emlin Charly’s video. 

When you already have the server up and running, install the script on it: 

1. Download this archive and unpack it into an empty folder. 

2. Copy the contents of this folder to your server. 

3. Open the accounts.txt file in a folder on the server and remove the test information from it. 

4. Write down all the User IDs you want to verify into accounts.txt. Each new UserID must be entered on a new line! 

5. Save the file and run the php check.php command on the server. 

If you have “only” a couple of hundred accounts, you will receive the result in 20 seconds. If you have more — go and make yourself a cuppa while the check is in progress. When it finishes, you will find three files in the output folder on the server — active.txt, banned.txt, and notExist.txt.

Take note: You can check the script source code at Pastebin. If you know PHP, it might be interesting. 

How to use an account checker without PHP 

If you have less than 50 accounts and you do not want to bother configuring PHP on your computer, you can use the Web-version of the checker. It is available only in Russian, but you can figure it out with Google Translate. 

1. Enter all UIDs in the left field. Each ID should be on a new line. 

2. Press the green button. 

3. See the result in the right margin. 

You can also copy accounts with different statuses to the clipboard by clicking on the blue button.

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