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The nature of the European gambler November 23, 2020

Psychologists worldwide examine the psychology of people addicted to gambling and existing in a non-stop rush looking for «quick money».

But our modern society alters significantly, and 2020 constantly proves all the changes. The current lockdown impact is ambiguous: for offline businesses, this is a new challenge for flexible adaptations, but for online casinos nowadays, the physical limitation has become a start for new opportunities and a potential boom.

The basic fact is obvious: people are locked up, and most entertainment forms have become unavailable; costs are increasing, and the «financial cushion» decreases. The success formula turned out to be so simple as never before: online casinos have become a cult alternative for earnings and pleasure.

A successful business’s basic rules become evident when you put yourself into a key consumer’s mind. What is the portrait of a modern gambler? Based on satisfying any consumer’s actual needs, the formula for online gambling success is obvious – to be the first to implement the customers’ wishes lost from the competitors’ sight.

What knowledge of their target audience the gambling operators have taken as a core, which makes it possible to make gambling more exciting and safer for users and optimize the work of the companies in general.

Let’s try to examine the hidden psychology which creates such gambling addiction as «gambler cliche».

The gamblers’ goals can be translated into the general needs of the casinos’ guests.

There is a slight dependence on the general standard of audience lifestyle, but basically, people visit such places to relax, brighten up drab little lives and empty moments, get a thrill from excitement, assert themselves in case of a win, albeit insignificant. The psychology of «easy money» drags on quickly – therefore, online gambling rapidly gains popularity.

Online casino guests 

Usually, casino gamblers are blue-collar workers, middle managers, and people with the high-income. The first two categories consider the game as a source to make money and an opportunity to hit the jackpot, which will instantly solve all problems. People with a high level of income prefer casinos for the opportunity to assert themselves and escape from any life drab moments and take off the edge of the emotional burden of a working day.

Let’s define that a potential gambler is a client who must have money. And the more income he has, the more valuable he becomes. Europe is the leader in online gambling – more than 40% of gamblers visit online casinos more than 3 hours per day – with 53% total share in the global gambling industry market. 

The target audiences of 51% share in the online casinos’ industry are 25-44 years old. During the time they spend on casinos’ sites, they deposit funds in a share of $100 and more. This number also includes VIP clients and those who gamble at high stakes.

There are only 9% of gamblers aged 45-54, while users aged 18-24 comprise 11% of all casino guests.

According to the mentioned statistics, men make up to 80% of all gamblers, and 20% are women. 

Due to psychology, women are more prone to gambling addiction. More than 30% of VIP gamblers are women, so we recommend to target women audience and add engaging interactions, accepting the fact that women audience is great for converting from public and social networks.

The average deposits of men’s audience are higher than women’s, but women make deposits more often. 

Every 10th gambler deposits his account around 50 times. And every 5th player makes at least ten deposits for all the time spent on the gaming sites. After the first deposit, the gambler’s activity during the first day is more dynamic. Approximately 50% of the whole gambling audience spends at least 30 minutes playing per day. 

The target audience psychology of online casinos is based on gambling preferences, impelling them to visit various gambling platforms.

In European countries with advanced economies, most of the women gambling audience over aged over 45. They are self-sufficient, active, and come to gambling sites to have fun. 

European countries with developing economies where the general income of the population is much lower, for example, in Eastern Europe, the gamblers’ motives differ slightly: 

  • 50-60% want to try their luck;   
  • > 35% comes to relax  and has fun; 
  • 5-10% want to have fun with friends.

The data above allows us to summarise which slots prefer the gamblers of different genders and range of interests.

  • Women prefer bright, original slots with symbolism, available clothes, furnishings, TV serials superstars;
  • Main gamblers are usually men that prioritize classics with modern design; 
  • Young people under 25 prefer exciting strategy slots with original graphics, as well as slots based on popular TV serials; 
  • Intellectuals who choose serious slots such as poker, blackjack, where you need to think strategically; 
  • Adrenaline lovers prefer bright, dynamic slots with good music and quick winnings.

Modern gambler portrait

There are various types of gamblers: 

The basic typology distinguishes:  

  • Amateurs who take part in gambling for entertainment; 
  • Professionals who make money on slots;  
  • Neurotics who are unable to resist spinning the slot machine reel, make bets, and observe the roulette wheel’s running.

The first type includes the most harmonious gamblers, they gamble rarely, and therefore they do not develop pathological addiction. The middle age of such players is around 30. They’re educated, balanced, self-sufficient people who know what the worth. Most of them are sports fans, and some facts indicate their involvement in sport.  At the same time, they enthusiastically follow the sport, track transfers, and the placement of players on the field. Indirectly, it indicates that they are either already passionate about betting or potential betting fans.

The second type is a group of people, usually associated with card games, and mainly poker. The income of this category of gamblers is unstable, despite the special honorarium. As a rule, these are active gamblers about 30, mostly out of marriage or any other serious relations; they seem to be less intellectual and emotionally more stunted, close to direct talk about themselves.

The third type is the most destructive gambling audience, suffering from gambling addiction, and as a rule, characterized by large debt obligations. The gamblers of this category are people with high income who live «tasteful» and often don’t even hide their strong addiction to gambling.

In conclusion, we can describe an ideal gambler as:

  • men 25-35 years old; 
  • self-sufficient woman 45+ years old;
  • income level: average for men and above average for women location: 
    – countries where gambling is a part of the national identity;
    – countries where the taxation of casinos’ and gamblers’ profit is a significant share of state revenue and is a share in GDP;
    – countries where gambling addiction is a part of national identity;
  • interests: sports betting, lotteries, video slots, lotto, card games.

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