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Top 5 Countries Gambling the Most November 17, 2020

Surely many people believe that the most gambling-addicted country in the world is the United States, taking into account that the world’s largest casino center, Las Vegas, is located there. However, you will be surprised, but this is not at all the case. The USA is not the most gambling country in the world. Moreover, the list of these countries will most likely surprise you.

H2 Gambling Capital has compiled a rating of the countries and nations gambling the most. When compiling the rating, the indicator of losses based on the country’s adult population’s size was taken into account. Losses include all money lost in all gambling games, including poker, slots, horse racing, and casinos.

5th place – Finland

Loss Per Capita: $553

Preferences: sports betting, lottery

According to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, more than 41% of Finnish adults gamble every week. Since 2011, Finns, who have reached the age of 18, have been allowed to gamble. Previously, it was possible to play from the age of 15. Thus, the government tried to reduce the number of gamblers and protect children from ludomania.

The greatest demand in Finland is for the national lottery and sports betting. Interestingly, the country receives considerable benefits from this since the state here acts as a monopoly on the gambling market. Gambling is a significant source of income for the Finnish government. The money received from the gaming sector is used to improve the public’s welfare and the educational sphere. But, despite the benefits, the Finnish authorities are actively fighting gambling addiction. A person who loses amounts of more than 120 euros receives a gambling addict’s status and may have ludomania treatment free of charge.

4th place – Canada

Loss Per Capita: $568

Preferences: sports betting, lotteries, online casinos

The gambling business in Canada received legal status in the early 70s of the last century. Today, there are dozens of large casinos in the country. Visiting them among the local population is one of the main types of having rest. Canadians love to spend time betting in bookmakers and prefer to try their luck in all kinds of lotteries.

According to statistics, approximately 75% of adults in Canada purchase lottery tickets regularly. This is a characteristic of the native Canadians. Often, Canadians give lottery tickets to family, friends, and even children as a birthday or Christmas present.

Also, people in Canada love sports betting. Of course, hockey is held in high esteem. The local population loves to spend time watching sports competitions in hockey and alpine skiing, snowboarding, etc. In most cases, viewing is combined with betting. Canadians find the game much more fun to watch when placing bets.

3rd place – Ireland

Loss Per Capita: $588

Preferences: sports betting

Gambling is prohibited in the country, but this does not prevent the Irish from betting on sports and visiting casinos – after all, the gambling law has not been updated since 1956. The currency indicated in it has not been circulating in Ireland for a long time. Now the law is being revised, but the authorities have promised to meet the residents halfway.

The indigenous people of Ireland are world-famous for their love of sports and betting. It is not surprising that sports betting has gained maximum popularity in the country. The Irish prefer to bet on football, rugby, horse racing, etc.

In Ireland, there is even a peculiar trend in culture – lad culture. This is a male movement in which representatives of the stronger sex of different ages get together in some sports bar, order strong drinks, place bets on the upcoming matches, and watch their live broadcasts. The main credit for the rise in popularity of sports betting among the Irish goes to Connor McGregor. The legendary fighter has literally promoted a love for sports betting among his compatriots.

2nd place – Singapore

Loss Per Capita: $1,174

Preferences: sports betting, lotteries, casinos

Singapore is the second city with a developed gaming industry after Las Vegas. The country has many legalized casinos with a large selection of entertainment: tables for card games, roulette, slot machines, and dice. But they were intended for tourists – Singaporeans will have to pay $81 to enter the casino. To protect residents from gambling addiction, the authorities have created a “Home Exclusion” decree – the family can prohibit the gambler from visiting the casino.

The local population holds football in high esteem among all sports. Betting on matches with favorite clubs is a common thing for them. Residents of Singapore do not mind spending any money on their favorite hobby. Therefore, several million dollars are wasted on sports betting every week across the country.

The development of the gambling industry is an initiative of local authorities. But initially, it was created to attract tourists. It unexpectedly turned out that the country’s local population is happy to spend its free time in casinos, bookmakers, and other establishments with gambling entertainment.

1st place – Australia

Loss per capita: $1,288

Preferences: sports betting, slots

Australia is one of the gambling-addicted countries in the Southern Hemisphere. Approximately 80% of Australians are playing games of chance on a regular basis. Australians love to bet on sports, and their favorite gambling games include video slots, or “pokies,” as they call them. Pokies can be met not only in the casino, but they are also found in local pubs and restaurants. It is believed that there are over 100,000 pokies throughout the country.

The priority in sports betting is given to football and cricket. During major international tournaments, residents rush to place bets and numerous crowds of tourists from different parts of the world. According to experts, the popularity of gambling entertainment among the population is due to its wide availability and the citizens’ material well-being.

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