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TOP-7 most gambling countries in Europe December 1, 2020

People gamble all over the world. And thanks to innovative technologies and new tools, online slots in some European countries are one of the most popular leisure activity and part of their national identity. 

All economic experts point out the incredible boom in bookmaking and online casinos all over Europe. Over the past 3-5 years, the number of gamblers has increased tenfold, and the funds the population deposits in gambling have increased significantly.

Here we’ll notice TOP-7 European countries that simply adore cash slots and represent the highest gambling expenses. The rating of the most gambling countries in Europe will be based on the ratio of the amounts spent on gambling minus the winning that was paid.

1st place Great Britain 

Annual expenses per capita: < ₤2000

Popular gambling: bingo, video slots

Gambling is almost a UK tradition. And the biggest revenues come from online casinos; the most popular games are bingo and video slots. It’s hard to imagine England without bets. British people love original bets, and it brings local bookmakers millions of dollars. There are about 9,000 legal bookmakers in the UK and over 100,000 employees in the gambling industry.

2nd place Ireland

Annual expenses per capita: < ₤500

Popular gambling: sports betting, video slots

The Irish and the British people share a common history, as well as a passion for gambling. Although Ireland has a population of only about 5 million, the simple person loses over £500 per year at the online casinos and bookmakers. The Irish rules are stringent and have not changed since 1956: they limit bets to 6 pence and prizes to 10 shillings, and they cannot make the person wrong. That’s why Irish gamblers are free to play their favourite online casino slots.

3rd place Norway

Annual expenses per capita: < €420

Popular gambling: poker, sports betting, video slots

88% of Norwegian citizens confirm their addiction to gambling. Only two gambling companies Norsk Rikstoto and Norsk, have the right to carry out gambling activity in the country. Poker is one of the most popular online slots after the first Norwegian championship that was held five years ago. That championship was very successful: 1974 gamblers took part in the Main Championship Tournament and set a world record among the private championships. The most popular in this country are lotto bets, scratch cards, slot machines, and sports betting on football matches.

Today there are only two gambling operators in Norway that offer the full range of non-prohibited gambling. Not only in Europe but worldwide, Norway has one of the most strict legislation regarding gambling.

Three laws govern gambling and lotteries: the Lottery Act, the Slot Act, and the Sweepstakes Betting Act. The majority of players are teenagers, so the authorities seriously consider banning online gambling development.

4th place Finland

Annual expenses per capita: < €553

Popular gambling: sports betting, video slots, lottery

It may sound a little crazy, but the legal age for gambling in Finland recently was 15 years. And only seven years ago, it was raised to 18. This was done in order to reduce the percentage of children involved in gambling. The state completely controls the gambling life in the country, but it doesn’t prevent the Finns from gambling in municipal casinos. Taxes from rates are directed to the development of sports, education, and other areas. More than 40% of people visit the country’s online and offline gambling platforms every day. Any gambler who loses more than €120 has the right to get free psychological counseling to prevent gambling addiction.

5th place Italy

Annual expenses per capita: < €500

Popular gambling: poker, video slots

Italians love poker and slots; this is another country where low payout slots are the main form of gambling. There is also a special relationship to casinos in Italy: till 1933, there was only one casino in the city of San Remo; later, another one, Campione d’Italia, was launched, which still works and is considered the largest gambling establishment in Europe. Italians love the excitement and don’t like to deny themselves the pleasure to try their luck; the average expense on their entertainment is around $517.

6th place Greece

Annual expenses per capita: < €450

Popular gambling: lottery, poker

Greeks have fun in their way: they prefer online casinos and poker, but the national lottery also has a great deal of popularity. A local company was succeeded to collect a record world jackpot of € 19 million. Three-quarters of the country’s population competed for the chance to win a multi-million dollar prize, so it turns out that every Greek spends about $420 annually, including lottery tickets. Greeks are hot-tempered, emotional, so they lose more when emotions outweigh common sense. There is a direct correlation between the performance of the national economy and the peak in gambling activity: the worse the economic situation, the more gamblers’ stakes increase. Since Greece has canceled the ban on online slots, gambling platforms have become a source to solve fast financial problems and improve the economic situation.

7th place Spain

Annual expenses per capita: < €400

Popular gambling: sports betting, poker

Spain has a fiery temper and is a country where football keeps the main focus. Bookmakers accept bets non-stop because the support of your favourite sports teams is part of the national idea. Poker and casino slots follow the sports betting. The gambling industry becomes a significant source of income and brings 3% of the country’s GDP. Gambling in Spain is legal, and the state receives 20% of taxes from the winnings. So the authorities don’t hurry up to shut down such a profitable industry. 

At the same time, the state tax casinos and sweepstakes as well as gamblers if the amount of total winnings exceeds €2,500.

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