What Is the New Year traffic arbitrage, and how you can make money on it?

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What Is the New Year traffic arbitrage, and how you can make money on it? December 21, 2020

The New Year holidays are a high time to get big profits for those who know how to generate traffic. Consumer demand grows exponentially. First of all, it’s essential to «feel the moment» and offer users exactly what they want. Highly important to choose the vertical which you will advertise beforehand. On marketing in the last month will be spent more money than on the rest of the year. Let’s make it clear how to make money in December. 

First, look at the consumer demand growth for New Year’s goods.

The highest point rises on the Christmas holidays and the New Year. At the same time, a significant part of consumers begins New Year’s preparation beforehand. Therefore, already in early December, it is worth starting to launch and test advertising campaigns to select the most effective ones. And in the New Year’s hype, you will collect the maximum leads! 

Deloitte presented statistics of consumer demand in the pre-New Year period:

  • 94% of consumers use Google to search and compare products; 
  • 29% prefer products labeled SALE; 
  • 43% of users make purchases on the Internet (and this percentage increases every year).

In the ambiance of the upcoming holidays, users show special purchasing activity according to some dates: 

  • 13% until December; 
  • 18% from December 1 to December 15; 
  • 66% from December 16 to December 31; 
  • 3% in January.

What to convert on New Year’s Eve? 

What groups of goods are leading in the pre-New Year’s hustle? Research shows the following scenario of spent  funds: 

  • 42% for the purchase of food and drinks; 
  • 45% for gifts; 
  • 13% for leisure.

According to the annual statistics, we can identify the categories that are in high demand among consumers: 

  • 42% — cosmetics, health and beauty products; 
  • 38% — chocolate and sweets; 
  • 23% — money; 
  • 21% — books, courses, goods and services for self-development;
  • 8% —  gift certificates; 
  • 18% — clothing and footwear; 
  • 17% — home appliances and gadgets; 
  • 17% — small souvenirs; 
  • 14% — jewelry; 
  • 14% — tickets to entertainment events.

The number of online orders has increased in the last days. 94% of orders come from Google traffic and others. 

We’ve clarified the most popular categories of offers. Now, look through the offers that are worth high attention. Let’s consider the analytics provided by statistics collection services: 

  1. Google Trends: pay attention to the highest level of requests;
  2. Yandex WordStat: choose the high-frequency product types; 
  3. Semrush: you can look through the dynamics of search queries for free in the «Keyword Analysis» tab; 
  4. AdMobiSpy: you can determine which ads are running on the web.

When the products are already defined in the users’ wish-list, let’s look through the most popular New Year offers. The trend analyses were made to show us which offers are mainly represented in traffic.

First of all, choose offers for New Year’s goods.

Among them are Christmas trees, pyrotechnics and fireworks, lighting decorations, toys, New Year’s decor, and costumes. Indeed, there are gifts under the tree. Any product group (cosmetics, household appliances, souvenirs) is suitable as New Year’s gifts. More important to make a high-quality holiday creative! Such offers can be found mostly at large retailers or chain stores that are CPA partners.

You should pay attention to the vertical of goods for beauty and health.

Such offers have a little bit different sense while performing all the same functions during the New Year holidays. For example, a joints gel will help customers to dance with a doubled energy on New Year’s Eve. Without a foot fungus cream, you can’t wear beautiful sandals. One should not lose the fact that most of the people make a pre-holiday preparation and someone a week before the New Year grabs his head with the words: «I did not have time to lose weight!» In this case, do not stop generate traffic on slimming products!

Don’t lose from your sight such New Year’s products as libido strengthening means. New Year is a new beginning! And in this sense, literally for everything. Even such offers can be so creative! Therefore, do not restrain your imagination!

You should pay special attention to gambling offers. 

Of course, there is no New Year without gifts, and most people expect to earn «all the money in the world» in an easy and fast way. Therefore they choose gambling as a source for it. Just imagine what bright New Year gambling creatives can be made! Engage users with unique offers to earn money for a gift to their wife or friend, but the most working is «Take a New Year’s Gift»! Everyone wants a surprise, and the New Year mood only increases your CTR.

But now the New Year has passed, and the week-long season of lying on the side and eating salads has been opened. What should one do at this time? Continue to convert traffic to gambling! Most of the people are too lazy at this period but anyway the desire to have fun and entertainment is out of time. Especially if you also make money on it. Therefore, users are ready to spend all days long while gambling. Please note that mobile traffic these days can be much more profitable than desktop traffic.

Ready to eat meals and product delivery.

What a holiday without yum yum? We have two target audiences here. The first is office employees who even celebrate their corporate events without leaving the workplace. For such a category, we generate traffic with special offers for large food delivery companies (pizzas, roll sets, sets of mini burgers, ready-made snacks, catering), and we generate it up to December 31. The second category is hostess and hostesses who start shopping in all nearby supermarkets a week before searching for salads ingredients, sausages, cheeses, caviar, and grapes for a fruit plate. Let’s tell them that they don’t have to carry heavy bags; we offer them the delivery of all products from supermarkets directly to their homes. And tangerines, of course, more and more tangerines. You can even later hold a competition among affiliates — «who did generate more traffic on tangerines in December». When, if not now?

Get on skis. 

In January, the demand for winter sports equipment is still relevant. Skis, skates, snowboards, sleds, thermal underwear, waterproof jackets, pants and shoes, hats, balaclavas, and scarves — all of this will be popular, both for adults and children. We confidently hope that the weather forecast will promise us snow and frost. Winter mood drives demand even more.

Less famous, but at the same time converting New Year offers are Dating. 

Lucky are those people who aren’t alone on New Year’s Eve. But some hope to find a person or a company to celebrate the New Year till the last day. Therefore, it worth making creatives and generate traffic on dating until December 31 and continue into 2021. For those who are still searching for a soul mate, the New Year will seem like a fresh start.


New Year is a perfect time for affiliates to make money. Select working offers, create converting creatives, and don’t forget that New Year users’ mood is exactly what you should focus on while stimulating the purchasing activity! 

Prepare champagne and sparklers — the New Year is coming! We wish Santa grants you the most profitable offers with a 300% ROI! Let the New Year bring you unlimited bright and creative ideas for ads in Google Adwords, Direct, for posts on Facebook and Instagram! We wish you successful business strategies, useful contacts, the most effective solutions, and all the big profits!

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